Spring Looks from Princess Diana

The “People's Princess" was often seen wearing her iconic Cartier Tank watch, a gift from her father, the 8th Earl Spencer, and one of her most cherished accessories. In the spirit of her signature “Sloany” (Sloane Ranger) roots, she used her watch to bring polish and everyday ease to her looks, no matter the season. Here are 4 pieces of classic spring dressing inspiration from the always-relevant Princess Diana:


1. Denim on denim


This one made us think of a favorite Diana fashion tribute from Virgil Abloh’s spring 2018 Off-White collection, which riffed on some of Diana’s most iconic pieces (out of his 37 looks, most referenced specific looks from Diana’s short 36 years of life).


2. A classic white shirt

princess diana wearing jeans and a white top with cartier watch

A nothing-new classic, always worn brilliantly by Princess D. 


3. The power blazer


This especially references Diana’s pre-royal "sloane ranger" signature style—characterized by high-waisted trousers, oversized sweaters, and said power blazers that delivered an effortlessly chic yet relaxed energy.

4. Cycle shorts & tube socks

“Diana was a nonfictional Carrie Bradshaw,” writer Harling Ross once said, and this particular combo makes us think of this famed, casual-yet-somehow-chic bike shorts ensemble.



5. Head-to-toe white


In the spring, it's never too early to start thinking about your style segue into summer‚ sunburn and all :).


To sum all this up, Diana
proves that a leather watch band doesn't need to look heavy or overly formal in warmer weather—in fact, it can add just the right amount of those things to a spring or early summer look. Visit our Pinterest board (linjed above) for more looks! 
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