Our tale (as old as time)

Hi! My name is Mabel, and I’m the founder of March Hare.

drawing of butterflies

When I graduated college, my mom (finally) acquiesced and handed down her beloved vintage watch. It quickly became one of my absolute favorite treasures——not only as a constant companion to my go-to uniform, but because it reminded me a little of her every time I put it on. 

pink butterfly drawing
pink butterfly drawing
portrait of yura adams

This is my mom. Isn’t she a babe? Sorry about losing your watch, Mom!

drawing of tulips

Unfortunately (although maybe not all that surprisingly) I quickly played into my mother’s trepidation about giving nice things to someone in their early twenties and lost that lovely watch just a few years later. 

drawing of snail

Finding a replacement was tough and, ultimately, impossible. I wanted something delicate and simple with a classic design, but everything that I liked the look of was out of my price range.

drawing of snail
drawing of flowers

So, March Hare was created to make the watch that I couldn’t find… and then a few more. I hope you’ll find a piece that you love and maybe even hand down one day.

mabel and hattie as kids

This is me with my younger sister, Hattie. In this photo, a literal babe. I swear that we like each other…in fact, we work together on March Hare quite a lot.