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Kimsey premium watch strap

Pictured: Kimsey “Single” Strap in Premium Leather


Roughly 25% of emails from our potential customers ask about picking the right watch band size. And for good reason! After all, who knows their wrist circumference off the top of their head!?

In hopes of making the process a little easier, here are some of the most common questions we get about picking a watch strap that fits. Still unsure? Don’t hesitate to email us: hello@marchharewatches.com

Where do I find sizing information on your straps?

Strap lengths are listed at the top of every website product page in millimeters (the watch industry’s standard unit for communicating strap measurements).

The first (longer) measurement listed is the length of the “tail” strap with the holes. The second (shorter) measurement is the length of the strap with the buckle.

Now that I know how long the strap is…how do I make sure it will fit me?

Great question! The size chart below maps our strap lengths to wrist sizes (sometimes referred to as "bracelet sizes") to help you tell which bands will fit best.

Don’t feel like breaking out the tape measure? We suggest going with our “Standard” length. It fits most of our customers, and you can exchange it as needed.

Watch Model

Strap Size

Strap Length

Wrist Size / Bracelet size (inches)

Harriet Standard 105/65mm = 170mm 4.5–6.5”
Harriet Long 112/78mm = 190mm 6–7.5”
Kimsey: Single Strap Standard 110/70mm = 180mm 5.5–7.25”
Kimsey: Double Wrap Strap Short 265/65mm = 330mm 4.5–6.0”
Kimsey: Double Wrap Strap Standard 285/65mm = 350mm 5–6.5"
Kimsey: Double Wrap Strap Long 285/95mm = 380mm 6–7.5”

How do I measure my wrist?

To measure your wrist circumference, hold your arm out with your hand relaxed. With your other hand, wrap a soft measuring tape around your wrist. A piece of ribbon / string also works if you don't have a measuring tape. Mark where the beginning of the ribbon hits the part that wraps around, then lay flat and measure the length with a ruler.

What if I need a longer or shorter strap than the "standard" size?

Our standard strap length comes with all watches. You can purchase more strap sizes on our strap collections page. 

What if I’m in between sizes? 

We usually recommend sizing down, unless you’re right on the upper limit. If you like a looser fit, size up!

How snug should the watch band fit my wrist?

It's a personal preference! We suggest that one pinky finger should fit comfortably underneath the band. All watches come with adjustable bands to allow you to find the perfect fit.

What size strap does my watch come with?

Our watches ship with “Standard” length straps by default. Longer & shorter sizes for our black leather bands are available for purchase from our website (Harriet here, Kimsey here).

What if I receive my watch and the strap is the wrong size?

No problem! We’ll help you exchange your strap for another length ASAP (complimentary)

I love my watch, but your “long” strap is still too short for me. Can you help me find a band size that will fit?

Yes! Depending on what you’re looking for, we can either place a special order with one of our strap suppliers, or send you options from another brand that you can buy right away online. Just email us to coordinate: hello@marchharewatches.com. (PS: we get this question a lot from men! Don’t let the band length stop you from trying one of our watches)

Why do your Harriet & Kimsey straps come in different lengths?

There are a few different reasons. First, our Harriet & Kimsey watch case sizes are different widths. Traditionally, strap lengths are sized to the width of the case (although we are working to standardize this across our collection).

Most importantly, we sell a mix of straps that we manufacture ourselves & that we purchase wholesale. We design our straps deliberately to minimize any extra material on the wrist (less bulk!), but this isn’t a common practice in the watch industry.

We’re a small brand with very lean inventory. When we launch a new strap style we typically only produce it in a “Standard” length to make sure that it will sell before we add on additional sizes.

Can you make X strap in X length?

Quite possibly it’s already in the works! Email us :)

How do I change my strap?

This depends on the watch you have. 

If you'd like to swap out the band on a Kimsey watch yourself, you'll need a specific tool. We like this one from Hodinke. Otherwise, we recommend dropping by a local jeweler to swap out your band. It's a quick process, and in many cases they can do it on the spot!

Harriet’s watch straps use quick release spring bars. This means that you can change her straps out yourself in a flash, without tools. The reel below gives an idea.


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