March Hare watches were designed to be loved forever. Here are our recommendations to keep yours ticking for years to come. 

silver kimsey watch

Our movements

March Hare watches are powered by Swiss quartz Ronda movements. Ronda is one of the most well-known Swiss quartz movement makers.

silver kimsey watch and gold harriet watch on intertwining hands

Replacing your battery

Quartz movements are powered by a battery instead of mechanical parts. Our batteries should last you 36-48 months, but you may require a fresh battery as soon as one year after you purchase.

You'll know it's time to replace the battery when your watch hands stop moving or when the watch starts slowing down (“losing time”). When that time comes, simply drop off your watch with a local jeweler and they will be able to replace the battery. 

gold harriet watch

Water Resistance

March Hare watches are water resistant, but not waterproof. This means that they will be fine if you splash water on them or get caught in the rain, but you should not swim or shower with your watch on. The exact level of water resistance will differ by model, and you can find this information on our product pages. However, the gist is the same: keep them out of water!

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Leather Watch Bands

Your watch straps are made out of genuine Italian leather. While the leather starts off stiff, it will soften with wear and gradually mold to the shape of your wrist.

Don't worry if the straps crease with time. It’s expected and a sign of a well loved piece! Our leather is tough, but not waterproof. Avoid submerging it in water. 

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Replacing your band

It may be time to replace your watch strap if you notice cracking, discoloration, or shrinkage.

We like to replace our watch band once a year to keep things looking tidy. You can buy replacement straps from March Hare's website. How you replace your band will depend on the watch model. 

silver kimsey watch on wrist

Kimsey Watch Straps

If you would like to swap out the band on your Kimsey watch yourself, you'll need a specific tool. We like this one from Hodinke. Otherwise, we recommend dropping by a local jeweler to swap out your band. It's a quick process, and in many cases they can do it on the spot!

golf harriet watch on wrist

Harriet Watch Straps

Harriet’s watch straps have quick release spring bars, which means that you can change her straps out yourself, without tools.