Staple Studies: Styling Your Watch for Work

Kyra wearing Kimsey Watch

Whether you work in an office or from your couch, sometime’s you’ve got to dress (up) for the part. Kyra, who devotes her feed to workwear inspiration @kyra.enroute, joins us to share her perspective on professional wardrobe staples, dressing for a petite frame, and how she uses accessories and jewelry like her Kimsey Watch to bring personality into her looks for work. Let's get into it! 


Kimsey Watch with gold hardware

Kyra's pick: Kimsey Watch with gold hardware


1. What staple pieces make a great work wardrobe?

All of my work trousers really go the distance for me once I make the effort to get them to fit exactly as I like (the most valuable part of my closet is my tailor since I’m 5 ft. and have to get everything hemmed)! I have a variety of leg shapes (wide, barrel, cropped) to give me options to play around with silhouette.

Kyra wearing Kimsey Watch


I typically like to balance more sculptural, voluminous shapes on top with a daintier shoe to add some polish. Loafers, mules, and ballet flats that show off the ankle help accomplish that. I love cashmere tanks for layering, belts for adding interest and making a look more “finished”, and cool outerwear/toppers to inject my personality back into more typical corporate looks. Finishing pieces for me are always jewelry, especially statement earrings and my everyday pinky stack—and my Kimsey Watch, of course.

"For me it’s always the little details that make me excited to get dressed and feel like I’m still bringing my full personality to the office."

Kyra wearing Kimsey Watch and gold skirt

2. How do you decide to invest in a new staple piece, whether for the office or otherwise?

It’s important for me to think of my wardrobe as one collective whole, rather than separated into “work”, “casual”, “events” etc. When I’m thinking of adding a new staple piece, it has to be able to work in all areas of my life - a new dress should work with loafers for the office and with sandals/sneakers for the weekend. This helps me feel confident that I’ll get great wear out of the piece, but also that my wardrobe feels like I always have something to wear for any occasion.

As for when I decide to actually invest, I’m big on wishlisting, tracking, and budgeting. I very rarely make a big purchase on the fly and will do lots of research and scheduling to make sure I’m purchasing at the right time for me.


Kyra wearing Kimsey Watch with navy and black outfit

3. Any thoughts on “uniforms”? Do you have one for work?

I know dressing for work can be kind of intimidating. Whenever I think of a typical “workwear” uniform it can conjure pictures of ill fitting suits and boring separates - everyone dressed the same and lacking any individuality. But there is always a way to put together an outfit that is both professional and true to your personal style. For me it’s always the little details - large loose silhouettes balanced with feminine shoes, asymmetrical earrings, a funky sock/loafer combination - that make me excited to get dressed and feel like I’m still bringing my full personality to the office.


4. Any final tips?

My biggest tip for professional dressing is to curate clothes that you’re excited to put on, that you know fit you the way you want, and that express your personality. If something is too tight or stuffy then it’s not for me. It makes getting dressed in the morning so much more enjoyable to be able to reach into your closet and know anything you pull will be a winner. Once I actually get to the office, the last thing I have time to be thinking about are my clothes, so being sure that whatever I picked that morning is a home run makes everything so much easier.

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