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Kate Foster: @the.midsommar.muse / @a.p.p.a.r.i.t.i.o.n


We're back with Staple Studies, our mini interview series about building a wardrobe to depend on. This time around, photographer and friend Kate Foster gives us some JUICY tips and content. 1/2 of the photo duo Apparition with her husband, Kate style / creative directs and is behind much of the product and lifestyle photography on our site :) Her responses make me want to pack a wicker picnic and run through a field in a flowy dress just like her image above. So nice.


 kate wearing kimsey watch

Kate wears Kimsey Double Strap Watch in Gold

"...I am a sucker for those items that you can only find when you’re, say, on a road trip or on a  vacation. The really unique one-offs or vintage piece. The dress that you purchased because it made you feel so pretty on your birthday and you wore it for a whole trip...I often associate staple pieces with memories." 

kate on the beach wearing a flowy white dress

1. What are some staple pieces that you think make a good foundation for any wardrobe? 

For me, pieces that have become staples really range. Staples are those tried and true items that you reach for. That make you feel confident.

A white boxy button down is absolute favorite. I have two, one is from Skall Studio and one is from over ten years ago. It’s a slim extra long button down I got at Urban Outfitters. I know there’s a lot of attention focused on slow and sustainable and while I follow that model I also firmly believe in any item from any source that you wear for years and fits the definition to a T.

A well-tailored pant. I had been hearing about Kamm pants for years and didn’t realize what all the hype was about until 2016 when I tried them on at the Echo Park Craft Fair. They were the first pant in my life that actually fit me correctly in waist, bum and leg length. There’re an investment for sure but I have both the sailors and the Japanese denim carpenter pants—they always give me such confidence. For a more casual everyday, I am in love with Wolhide’s easy pant.

A dress with pockets—I absolutely can not live without. A quality soft material like linen /cotton/flannel and unique cut. My favorites right now are from Black Crane and Town clothes. I also have a vintage red and pink Indian cotton dress that was my mothers that always makes me feel incredible.

An adventure hat. I favor a felt hat in summer and knit fisherman’s cap for winter.

kate in a wide brim hat in a field

Undergarments that make you feel comfortable and beautiful. I still consider myself a bit of a tomboy (I wore sports bras growing up) and for years I had struggled to find a super simple supportive bralette. Discovering Arq changed my life. I have basically all colors and styles and exclusively wear the high waisted underwear sets all summer because they can always double as swimwear.

A good chore coat. Something you can beat up, put rocks in your pockets, wear at a fire. Mine is my grandfather’s Jean barn coat, lined with shearling. It’s sleeve lining is some kind of pale pink silk which is shredded and it has been patched so many times. I love the mismatched buttons, the chain sewn in for a hanger.

Blundstones period. Dress them up or down but you’re always ready to go

And a classic watch. I rotate between my grandmothers and the March Hare Kimsey. The perfect classy accessory to dress up an outfit.


kate wearing kimsey watch

2. How do you decide to invest in a new staple piece? 

It’s usually a gut feeling. My taste is really eclectic however it’s always above all about quality and purpose.

kate in white pants walking in front of a red painting

I will follow brands and stylists I love and save clothing items that I get excited about into a Pinterest folder. I have a personal savings account where I save up a budget for clothes. I then will revisit my Pinterest folder to be selective about what gaps there are in my wardrobe. I wait for sales and also snoop on Mercari and Poshmark for big-ticket items. But I also am a sucker for those items that you can only find when you’re, say, on a road trip or on a vacation. The really unique one-offs or vintage piece. The dress that you purchased because it made you feel so pretty on your birthday that you wore for a whole trip and now whenever you wear it you remember. I often associate staple pieces with memories.

3. Any thoughts on "uniforms"? Do you have one?

I love a white on white outfit regardless of season. I'll often do Wolhide or white carpenter pants, a button down shirt and Blundstones or my gardening clogs.

kate wearing a white-on-white outfit

While I love fashion it has to be functional too. I take a lot of walks, collect things and are often on photo shoots so I need to be comfortable and agile.

kate wearing kimsey watch

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