Staple Studies: Erika Veurink

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Those pieces you reach for in your closet time and time again—whether it be a necklace from your grandma, your disintegrating nikes, or the jacket you just splurged on because you know you’ll have it forever—all make getting dressed a little easier. Staples, uniforms, capsule wardrobes, keepsakes and investment pieces: these concepts are where we think watches fit into the conversation about what we wear, and how, and why.

Welcome to Staple Studies, our mini interview series about building a wardrobe to depend on. This time around, we ask writer Erika Veurnik to divulge. 

" should feel boring, high-quality, and make you feel good, even on days when you don't." 

1. What are some staple pieces that you think make a good foundation for any wardrobe? 

In my mind, staples should feel boring, high-quality, and make you feel good, even on days when you don't. I'll always have a beat-up pair of Levis, a cropped white t-shirt, a black cashmere sweater, an oversized, striped button down, and some kind of white sneaker. 

2. How do you decide to invest in a new staple piece? 

Lots of research, time, and then an actual bucket in my high-yield savings account. Taking my time with staple pieces is a new thing for me. Investing in clothes is a marathon, not a sprint. If I've spotted a hole in my closet or recognize something needs an upgrade, I'll make note and start saving.

3. Any thoughts on "uniforms"? Do you have one?

Everything is easier in a uniform. While I don't have one specific look, I stick to a few equations with little variance. Big button down, cashmere sweater/rugby shirt over the shoulders, jeans, loafers or if I'm dressing up, mini skirt and a big blazer. Red nails. Black sunglasses. A long chain necklace I wear everyday. 


Harriet Watch in gold

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