Summer moodboard: warm weather watch looks

Think of your watch as a fall-winter accessory? Think again! A leather watch band doesn't need to look overly serious, formal, or polished—in fact, it can add just the right amount of all those things to a light and breezy look. So whip out your short-shorts and get ready to do some timely planning...we've got some simmering, summery outfit ideas for you.  

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1. White or black top + jeans

Take it from these leading ladies...simple doesn't need to mean boring. Here we see a range from ultra classic to f-u-n (Halle!), with a watch adding just the right amount of something extra.  

2. Bermuda shorts + a crisp shirt

You could wear this look to work or on a romantic country bike ride in Italy, spooky Armie Hammer style!

Side note: Elio's mother from the movie is also 100% good inspiration for this.



3. Related: a classic striped button up + slacks

For when you want the Call Me by Your Name armie look, but there's a breeze.

4. A little (or long) white dress

For going out, adventures, and lolling in the sun...

5. More white—on white

Nothing new here...more evidence that a watch can introduce a little contrast to a breezy look.

6. Bangles + rings


7. A glam headscarf

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