New Year's Eve Outfits: How to Dress Your Watch for a Semi-Formal Party Look

What looks good with velvet, sparkles, power suits, and pearls? Your watch!

Classic watch designs with leather (or metal) bands and simple faces are the cherry on top of semi-formal attire, and here's some fancy 90's party outfit inspo for your New Year's Eve look to prove it.

For your most formal dressing needs, we recommend the sleek profile of our Kimsey Watch, which looks right at home with black, silky attire. 90's Christy Turlington nails this look with her Kimsey look-alike (probably Cartier...):

christy turlington

Image source: Pinterest

Or perhaps your style is more power-suit than party. Harriet can dress up, too! Here's Christy again with a round watch face up her sleeve:

christy turlington

Image source: Pinterest

Daring dressers might consider pairing Harriet with (faux) fur or feathers, a classic NYE combination of formality and fun.

woman wearing fur and a watch

Image Source: Pinterest

More fluff!

anna wintour wearing fur

Image Source: Pinterest

Whatever your approach, a classic little watch will add a touch of formal detail to your ensemble.

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