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Kimsey “Double Wrap” Strap: Black

Kimsey “Double Wrap” Strap: Black

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Reminiscent of a tied ribbon, the streamlined silhouettes of yesteryear gave inspiration for this romantic double tour strap. Fits Kimsey Watches and is available in three lengths: "Standard" (comes with all Kimsey watches), "Short" (best for smaller wrists) & "Long" (for a larger fit).

Genuine Italian Leather

Kimsey's black watch strap is made of genuine Italian leather - a buttery yet tough material that becomes supple with wear.

3 Lengths for a Perfect Fit

Our Kimsey Double Strap comes in 3 lengths:

Standard Length

65mm x 285mm

This is the strap length that comes with all our double strap Kimsey watches. Choose this option if you would like to replace your existing strap.

Short Length

65mm x 265mm

Best for those with smaller wrists. 

Long Length

95mm x 285mm

When you need a longer strap than our Standard option, or if you prefer a looser fit.

Watch Care Essential

The leather of your watch band will soften with wear and gradually mold to the shape of your wrist. Don't worry if your strap patinas with time. It’s expected and a sign of a well-loved piece!  

We like to replace our watch band once a year to keep things looking tidy. This is the perfect band to order if it's time to swap out the band that your Harrriet watch arrived with.

How to Change Your Strap

If you would like to swap out the band on your Kimsey watch yourself, you'll need a specific tool. We like this one from Hodinke

Otherwise, we recommend dropping by a local jeweler to swap out your band. It's a quick process, and in many cases they can do it on the spot!

Complimentary Strap Swaps

We are pleased to offer complimentary shipping & returns within 30 days.

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